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Succession Planning Toolkit

Succession Planning Toolkit

This Toolkit accompanies the book, Do More of What You Love: The New Approach to Business Succession Planning

The tools are, by and large, specific to Kirkpatrick & Hopes’ ISOP method of succession planning (Income and Share Ownership Planning). As such, the Toolkit is designed to help you prepare for the succession planning process. It’s not a one- stop shop for doing it yourself – you will need to work with a number of professionals during the process, such as accountants, lawyers and financial advisers. However, the tools provided here help you understand what’s involved in succession planning and the example documents ensure you know what to expect.

It’s easy to put off succession planning, especially if business is going well and you have no immediate plans to take a step back. My advice is to start thinking about succession planning as soon as possible. The work you do now to prepare your business for the future will only serve to make your business stronger and give you more options in the long run.

The ISOP method helps you prepare your business for long-term success – ultimately allowing you the time to do more of what you love, without having to manage the day-to-day operations of the company. If you’d like to know more about how it works, please do check out the book, Do More of What You Love, browse our website, or simply get in touch with us.

“I am keen to build on and improve both the ISOP succession planning service itself and future editions of the book and Toolkit. Your feedback is an essential element of that evolution so please do get in touch with your thoughts and suggestions”.
Andrew Gray, author of Do More Of What You Love .

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